Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Inner Workings of Twitter Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop last night!  We were able to discuss in depth all of the inner workings of Twitter.  The crowd had great questions and wonderful discussions were started!  We are so appreciative of these opportunities.
A few of the topics discussed were:
·         Creating custom pages
·         Using hash tags
·         Organizing Tweets with Tweet Deck
·         Twitter parties
·         And much more…
To see the presentation in its entirety, go to http://www.slideshare.net/lisaadamslicenses/twitter-workshop-for-score.  There are active links within this presentation, so click away!
If you have any questions after watching this (or would like to hire us to do the work for you), please don’t hesitate to call Lisa at 239-963-5369!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Congratulations, April licensees!

Congratulations to the following Licenses, Etc. clients who were approved in April:
·         Ronald Holmes at RJR Holmes, Inc. / JNC Cabinets and Flooring, Inc. of Fort Myers, FL
·         Brian Chrzanowski at B & A Design Builders, Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL
·         Robert Tim Uzar at EcoMech, LLC of Newnan, GA
·         David Wainscott at Naples Building Group, LLC of Naples, FL 
·         Bob Hine at Naples Building Group, LLC of Marco Island, FL 
·         Mike Denmom at Astor Construction Services, Inc. of Altamonte Springs, FL
·         Dan Nunn at NETServices of Tulalip, WA
·         Stephen Irwin at Irwin Builders, LLC of Prescott, AZ
·         Justin Ostroff at Kona Construction & Consulting, LLC of Melbourne, FL
·         Tony Rodriguez at Elite Concrete Designing of N. Miami, FL
·         Nicholas Ceavers at Coastal / H.A. Contracting Corp Joint Venture of Miami, FL
·         Vernon D Hope II at Hydra Engineering, LLC of Crawfordville, FL
·         David Bienashski at Lash Builders, LLC of Monroe, CT
·         Kenneth B. Whistle at Tremont Roofing, Inc. of Punta Gorda, FL
·         Ken Hartem at Marker III Marine Construction, LLC of Naples, FL
·         Daniel Gonzalez at Design Management Contractors, Inc. of Miami, FL
We're also pleased to share the newly created website for this fine business:
·         Jeremy Johnson at Imperial Fire Alarm & Security, Inc.
Be sure to check them out!
And remember if you would like to be set up on Social Media Networking sites, call Lisa at 239.963.5369 for more information.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tax Ramifications of Not Filing Your Annual Report

Last week, we called each and every one of you who had not yet filed your annual reports.  We love doing that for you and enjoy catching up on how you are doing!  We hope that you got yours filed because if you have not, there is a $400 penalty fee on top of the standard fees. 

One gentleman commented to us this week that since he was late, there was really no reason to hurry and do it now. But there is!  The first reason is that if you wait till September, the business is made inactive and the reinstatement fee is $600.  The second is the tax ramifications of not filing your annual report…

We recently heard the story of a business owner who ‘forgot’ to file her annual report for a few years, but still did her tax returns as an S-Corp.  She was audited by the IRS for a completely different reason, but it was discovered that she had not filed the annual reports.  This meant her company WAS NOT A CORPORATION!!  Those wonderful IRS agents redid all of her tax returns as a sole-proprietor and she was subject to over $50,000 in additional taxes and fees!! 

Also, if this business owner had been sued while not legally a corporation, her personal assets would have been at risk. There is no corporate veil for a sole proprietorship.  She would have been perceived by the courts in that light all because she didn’t file her annual reports.

So please, take our word for it.  If you forgot to file your annual report and still want to be in business, go ahead and pay the $400 fine.  It will be worth it in the long run!