Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home Inspection Grandfathering

We have been talking about it a lot so you have probably heard by now that the state ‘re-opened’ the window for grandfathering when applying for a home inspection license. Right now it is as easy as it ever will be to obtain. Just remember that grandfathering will be allowed until July 1, 2012. After this, we doubt the state will ever give this opportunity again.

What qualifies you to apply? A Division 1 license is all that is needed, which means individuals who hold a Certified General, Building & Residential Contractor License. No testing or education is required. The fee to the DBPR is $330 and fingerprinting is still required.

Generally, our applications are getting processed and approved within 2 weeks although the state officially has 30 days to complete their review. If you would like additional information, please let us know. As always, the gals at Licenses, Etc. can help you with the application.  Give us a call today to find out more.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Congratulations, January licensees!

Congratulations to the following Licenses, Etc. clients who were approved in January:
  • Frank Herreda of Key West, FL
  • Daniel Swanson at DR Swanson Company DBA Titan-DRS Construction of Port Charlotte, FL
  • Linda Shaw at Shaw Design and Build, LLC of Lake Mary, FL
  • Robert Dean Vogelgesang at Blue Water Contractors, Inc. of Naples, FL
  • David Bienashski at Lash Builders, LLC of Monroe, CT
  • James Love at JDL Construction, LLC of Naples, FL
  • Erick Green of Gainsville, FL
  • Fred Rust at Art of Structure, LLC of Ocala, FL
  • Lourdes McLeod at McLeod Maintenance Service, Inc. of Cape Coral, FL
  • Crystal D Anderson West at Olneya Restoration Group of Florida, LLC of St. Louis, MO
  • Gary Weeks at GMS Home Repair Services LLC of Harmony, FL
  • Joseph Shieh of Arlington, VA
  • Mike Utley at Utley Construction, LLC of Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Maynard Baker at AJS Construction Corp. of Tampa, FL
  • Daniel Josie at Premier Showcase, Inc. of Fort Myers, FL
  • Rob Forbes at Paul Davis Systems, Inc. of Orlando DBA Paul Davis Restoration of Orlando of Winter Park, FL
  • Ian Morrissey at Solar Pool Heaters, Inc. DBA Fafco Solar of Alva, FL
  • Rodney Rupert of Palmetto, FL
  • Donald Mount at Scarab Construction, LLC of Naples, FL
  • Jeff Demme of Riverview, FL
  • Kevin Arnold at Crescent Beach Building Company of Fort Myers, FL

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