Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Other Relevant Blogs to Follow

Wondering what benefits blogging has for you? Well, there are tons of industry blogs, providing a plethora of information to help you with your business, whether it's with making money, saving money, improving processes, making connections...it's all out there. Here are just ten we found to get you started:

  1. 3D Architectural Solutions
  2. The Construction Contractor's Digest
  3. Construction Marketing Ideas
  4. Markup and Profit Blog (subscribe to their newsletter, too - always has great info for improving your business)
  5. Help Everybody Everyday (despite the title, this blog really is for Architects, Engineers & Construction professionals)
  6. Sense of Place - An Architect's Point of View
  7. The New Green House
  8. The Construction Contract Review
  9. South Florida Custom Home Builder (good example of how you can use a blog for your customers and contacts)
  10. Construction Informer

Your head is probably swimming by now with all this information, so we'll stop here. There are so many relevant blogs out there, though, and we'll let you know as we discover some more gems.

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