Monday, June 27, 2011

Privacy Invasion?

Facebook’s new facial recognition software is being called an invasion of privacy by some.  This software looks at photos of you to gather information about your face to store in a database.  The kicker is that this happens whether you have an account or not. 
Why are they doing this?  Photos that are uploaded now have automatic suggestions of people to tag in them.  It recognizes the face of your friend that you have uploaded and tagged several times and eventually will recommend tagging them the next time you upload.
Once again Facebook has angered the public at large because they didn't tell us they were going to use all those photos we uploaded to make its facial recognition software better.  What some think is even worse is that all accounts were automatically defaulted to an enabled status for this feature when they installed it recently.  Many think they should have been asked if Facebook could use them for this reason.
What can you do?  While you can't delete the information Facebook already gathered and stored about your facial features, you can turn off this feature if you would like to. 
How to opt out:
1. Go to Account Privacy Settings.
2. Click "Customize settings."
3. Scroll down to "Suggest photos of me to friends" and click the Edit Settings button.
4. Click the box where it says "Enabled" and select "Disabled."
5. Click "Okay".

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