Monday, September 19, 2011

Social Media Seminar for Key4Women

Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar yesterday!  Key4Women is a group started by KeyBank that provides customized business advice, access to capital, ongoing education, and networking opportunities.  Lisa was invited to be a guest speaker presenting information on Facebook, LinkedIn and the usage of social media in general There was an amazing turnout of 42 people to this breakfast meeting!  A few of the topics discussed were:
·         Actions to take to promote businesses
·         How to use Facebook to increase customer traffic
·         How to use referral marketing to outsell competition
·         Ways to use Social Media to increase brand awareness
·         How to increase your knowledge of customer attitudes and preferences with Social Media
 To see the presentation in its entirety, go to  There are active links within this presentation, so click away!
If you have any questions after watching this (or would like to hire us to perfect your social media message), please don’t hesitate to call Lisa at 239-963-5369!  

Lisa Adams with Joe from KeyBank

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