Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get Yourself a Website

About half of the contractors we meet through our firm don’t have a website.  Most of these contractors are small one-man operations who don’t understand why a website is necessary.  If you’re in the same boat, we would like to share what a website can do for you:

  • A website will act as an online calling card. This means that people can find information that will allow them to contact you for quotes and dates of availability
  • A website will give you an online presence. This is particularly important as fewer and fewer people are hitting the phone books and newspapers to find contact information for contractors like you. Think about it: why would they bother flipping through the Yellow Pages when they can simply type “Plumber in Naples” into Google and get an immediate result?  
  • A website can be your very best selling tool. You can tell people about yourself, what you offer, and show them examples of your previous jobs. Include customer testimonials, too!
Don't stay behind the times. Make sure you are a presence where your customers are searching. 

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