Monday, March 11, 2013

Don’t Forget: The Tax Man Cometh a Month Earlier for Businesses

Just a quick reminder from Hill, Barth and King, LLC that the deadline for corporate income tax returns (Forms 1120, 1120A, and 1120S) or to request an automatic six-month extension (Form 7004) is March 15, 2013.

What does all this mean?

Put simply, if your business is a corporation --whether a regular C corporation or an S corporation—you need to have all of your IRS forms filed no later than the last available postmark timestamp on Friday, March 15th or at the least, you must have completed and submitted the appropriate paperwork to file for an extension.  The good news on the latter is that it’s a simple document and requires little more than your request and your signature.

Just as a quick refresher: C-corporations contain all the typical company characteristics such as possessing “legal persons” status and offering shareholders limited legal liabilities.  They are taxed on their income before distributing their earnings to their shareholders. S-corporations are a in a separate classification because they are not taxed on their income and shareholders shoulder the company’s legal status and protections evenly.
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By Kevin Deardorff

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