Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You to Our Veterans

Regardless of the economy, regardless of how broken our country sometimes seems, regardless of how much we struggle right now, we still live in the greatest country on Earth. We can still have hope. We can continue to fight the good fight. We can keep working hard to make it through and eventually succeed. In many parts of the world, this is far from true. Only we have the American spirit. Only we can keep it alive!

Thank you to our veterans and active-duty military personnel for all of this. Thank you for protecting us so we can live safely. Thank you for protecting our American dream. Thank you for instilling and reminding us of that American spirit.

If you don't believe there are any real heroes anymore, you only need to walk into a VA hospital. Your belief will be renewed. Thank a veteran today! Better yet...hug one!

The gals at Licenses, Etc. each have a personal connection - as in family - who are active duty or recent veterans. We appreciate every one of you!

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