Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winding Down the Year

As the end of 2010 approaches, there are several things to do for your business to finish out the year and prepare for the new one:

Talk to your CPA - Find out if there is anything you need to do to cut your tax bill. December may be your last chance to take advantage of special programs with tax benefits.

Check deadlines - Make sure none of your county or state licenses, permits or other requirements don't expire on 12/31 and if they do, take care of it now before the holidays take over and you forget. Also check on anything that expires in January so you can be prepared. Florida Annual Reports aren't due until 5/1, but you can start filing on 1/1. Need help tracking all your deadlines? Check out our License & Business Maintenance Services.

Review your goals for 2010 - What did you hit? What did you miss? Why did you miss them? What can you still accomplish in December? What can you do differently next year?

Prepare your goals for 2011 - Create your plans of action while you're at it. If you want to boost revenues by 20%, how are you going to do it? Create a monthly schedule so you can be working on these goals every month.

Plan your marketing and advertising for 2011 - How and where are you going to advertise? What kind of special promos are you going to offer? Create your plan and budget - this is NOT the place to be cutting back. You can't increase revenues without new customers. Don't forget to include the most cost effective marketing resource - Social Media Marketing. It's how businesses keep in touch with prospects and customers these days. Find out more about our Social Media Marketing Services.

Get your license! - If you've been procrastinating on a new license you've already tested for, what are you waiting for? All the fees and expenses you've paid so far might be tax deductible. Why not finish the process? If you're testing in December, you can still get your application submitted - and possibly approved - before the end of the year. Another goal accomplished! If you haven't tested but there is a license you want to obtain, start working on it. Register for the next exam (February), contact the schools, get your books and talk to us. There's no time like right now to get your license!

We all know how December turns chaotic with the holidays, vacations, employees on break, special closures, parties, etc. And then January blows right by as we recover from the holidays, catch up on what didn't get done in December and prepare for the new year. By being a little proactive, you can set yourself up to finish 2010 on a high note and start 2011 with a bang!

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